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Blink: Cell Phone Overview

How to Choose an AT&T Cell Phone and Calling Plan for UCSD Department needs

Summary: Learn how to use AT&T browse-only web site to choose a AT&T phone and calling plan before you place your order through Blink.

Log in.

Note: This Web site is only for information, not for placing an order.

  1. Open the AT&T browse-only Web site
  2. Enter the Log in: ucsandiego
  3. Enter the password: ucsd72
  4. Click the Login button
Create a new account.
  1. Under "New Subscribers," enter the UCSD zip code: 92093
  2. Select the button for Create new Account
  3. Select the button for Shop phones/devices and plans
  4. Click the Continue button
Choose the phone you want.
  1. Select the Shop Phones & Devices tab
  2. Check the box next to your phone choice
  3. Click the Add to Cart button
Choose the plan you want.
  1. Review the plans by clicking on the plan name
  2. When you decide on a phone, click the Add to Cart button
Select extra features or accessories.
  1. Review the features or accessories.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click either: Continue without additions or the Add to Cart button
Keep your selections.
  1. Print the Shopping Cart Summary page or note your preferences in writing
  2. Log out
Purchase your phone.
  1. Open the Blink Cell Phone Request Form and complete it with the information you saved