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Verizon Government Account Executive: (UCSD ALL Departments):
Joel Chavez, (858) 866-6154,

For personal lines of service, please contact:
(800) 922-0204 or go to
You may also visit your local Verizon Wireless Retail store in your area, just go to and go to store locator for locations and directions.

*Upgrade price based on equipment upgrade eligibility.

Global Travel Usage Tips
Here in the USA you can call our Global team anytime with questions. (800) 711-8300 and choose Global.
Global Reach - Get access to more voice destinations and data destinations with a global capable device. *4G LTE not in all countries at this time.
One Number - Use your existing VZW MDN (Mobile Directory Number) in the U.S. and abroad.
Billing Simplicity - All charges are billed directly to the customer's existing VZW bill.
No Daily Rental Fee - You are billed only for what you use.
Verizon Wireless Support - Get a 24 X 7 Global Support Team along with a free support line for calling from anywhere in the world.
VZ Global Services subscribers can contact the GST 24/7 for general and technical support at:
From your phone, if you are traveling outside the United States in GSM mode please dial (+)1-908-559-4899.
Keep in mind that when roaming in other countries, they may not bill Verizon wireless for a month or longer and when the charges come to Verizon we will look to see if you have a Global data package active on your account. If you travel and use one of our many Global data feature plans, we suggest you leave that active for at least a full month after you return in order to make sure you are correctly billed. This is important because overages can run as much as .05 cents per megabyte or even more depending on the country.

Why Verizon 4G LTE
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Voice Mail Alert for iPhone Customers
When changing to an iPhone from any other device, you will be given a new voice mail box and all existing voice mail messages and settings will be deleted. Please be sure to archive any important messages in your current voice mail box. Once your new iPhone is activated, it is not possible to retrieve messages from your old voice mail box.
For additional information on how to archive your voice mail, please visit and do a keyword search for "Archive Voice Mail" or contact Customer Service.

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