UCSD Alumni Authors

Alumni Authors
The UCSD Bookstore is proud to display and sell books written by UCSD alumni.
Author Name
Georgeanne Brennan
Dave Chekley
Cathy Sherman Freeman
Susan Gaines
· Carbon Dreams
· Echoes of Life: What Fossil Molecules Reveal about Earth History
Nazli Ghassemi
Larry Goldstein
Joon S. Han
· Get Ahead by Giving Back
Alexandra Horowitz, Ph.D.
Mark Johnson
Andrea Kennedy
Janice Lee
Ashley Lucas
· Razor Wire Women (co-editor)
Sean E. Mazloom
· Orthopedic Residency Guide (co-author)
Rex Pickett
Tom Polakiewicz
Andrea Portes
Margaret Roman Slavin
· Counterfeit Cure
Chris Stiehl and Henry Devries
Daniel Tubbush
Vernor Vinge
· Children of the Sky: Zones of Thought
· Rainbows End
· Cookie Monster
· Fast Times at Fairmont High
· Deepness in the Sky
· A Fire Upon the Deep
Kirby Wright
· Widow from Lake Bled
· Square Dancing at the Asylum
· The End, My Friend
· Kahuna Woman of Molokai
· Moloka'i Nui Ahina
· Punahou Blues
· Before the City
Nick Yphantides
And the Mountains Echoed
Price: $16.00
Beautiful Ape Girl Baby
Price: $15.00
Cake and I Scream!
Price: $15.95
I See You
Price: $15.95
Love Is Love
Price: $18.99
Mac and Geeeez!
Price: $15.95
Ouch Moments
Price: $9.95
San Diego Trolleys
Price: $21.99
So Many Smarts!
Price: $15.95
The Kite Runner
Price: $16.00
The Solution Revolution
Price: $26.00