New Non-Fiction

At the Edge of Time
Price: $24.95
Atlas of Amazing Birds
Price: $19.95
Author in Chief
Price: $30.00
Price: $30.00
Dark Skies
Price: $24.00
Feel Free
Price: $18.00
Feminism for The 99%
Price: $12.95
Fifth Sun
Price: $29.95
Find Your Path
Price: $19.95
Finding Chika
Price: $23.99
Generation Robot
Price: $16.99
Heirs of the Founders
Price: $18.95
How To
Regular Price: $28.00
  On Sale For: $22.40
Price: $16.95
Kinda Vegan
Price: $18.99
Last Days at Hot Slit
Price: $17.95
Life Undercover
Price: $26.95
Losing Earth
Price: $16.00
Losing the Nobel Prize
Price: $17.95
More from Less
Price: $28.00
No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
Regular Price: $10.00
  On Sale For: $8.00
One Day
Price: $28.00
Our Universe
Price: $29.95
Poorlier Drawn Lines
Price: $15.00
Price: $28.00
Running with Sherman
Price: $27.95
Say Nothing
Regular Price: $16.95
  On Sale For: $13.56
Seeing Gender
Price: $27.50
Start Here, Start Now
Price: $9.95
Tawny Grammar
Price: $10.00
The Ethical Algorithm
Price: $24.95
The Falcon Thief
Price: $26.00
The Food Explorer
Price: $17.00
The Great Pretender
Price: $28.00
The Mermaid Cookbook
Price: $14.99
The Narrow Corridor
Price: $32.00
The Power of Nunchi
Price: $22.00
The Ship of Dreams
Price: $30.00
The Splendid and the Vile
Regular Price: $32.00
  On Sale For: $25.60
The Wisdom of Nature
Price: $19.99
This Is Going to Hurt
Price: $28.00
Toil and Trouble
Price: $27.99
T-Rex Tries Again
Price: $14.00
Urban Legends from Space
Price: $16.99
Why We Can't Sleep
Price: $26.00
Wit's End
Price: $14.95
You're Not Listening
Price: $26.00