Sally Ride Science

STEM education has never been more important. We need to make sure all students are literate in science, math, and technology so they can make informed decisions about their lives – their health, their communities, and our planet. We also need to prepare students for their future careers. Almost all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require a solid foundation in STEM.

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UC San Diego Women in Leadership featured books:


Approved discounts by Sally Ride Science

  • Less than or equal to 100 = $10.00 per book
  • More than 100 = 10% discount or $9 per book
  • More than 500 = 15% discount or $8.5 per book
  • More than 1000 = 20% discount or $8 per book

    Anything more must be approved by an SRS representative.

Shipping terms for bulk shipments

  • 100 books (approx. 25 lbs.) = $20
  • 101-500 books (approx. 30-100 lbs.) = $50
  • 501-1000 books (approx. 100-300 lbs.) = $120
  • More than 1000 = quote based on weight

    Quotes may vary based on weight, this is a guide for estimates.

Educational & Bulk Orders Contact:  Teri Den Herder
[email protected]
(858) 534-0121