Key Concepts in Science

The Key Concepts in Science book series offers a vivid learning experience that deepens students’ understanding of important concepts and connects each concept to a scientist or engineer studying it.

Each book has a comprehensive Teacher Guide that provides correlations to standards, lesson plans, learning goals, science vocabulary strategies, common misconceptions, student handouts, assessments, and more.

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Approved discounts by Sally Ride Science

  • Less than or equal to 100 = $10.00 per book
  • More than 100 = 10% discount or $9 per book
  • More than 500 = 15% discount or $8.5 per book
  • More than 1000 = 20% discount or $8 per book

    Anything more must be approved by an SRS representative.

Shipping terms for bulk shipments

  • 100 books (approx. 25 lbs.) = $20
  • 101-500 books (approx. 30-100 lbs.) = $50
  • 501-1000 books (approx. 100-300 lbs.) = $120
  • More than 1000 = quote based on weight

    Quotes may vary based on weight, this is a guide for estimates.