UC San Diego Bookstore Delivery Locations

-  All Campus locations
-  All SIO locations
-  BeneChill, Inc.
-  Children's Hospital
-  City School storage building (near Children's Hospital)
-  Companies along North Torrey Pines Road
-  Jacobs Retina
-  La Jolla Professional Center
-  Mission Valley (Extension complex only)
-  Moores Cancer Center
-  Naval Medical Hospital, Balboa Park
-  Perlman Ambulatory
-  Preuss School
-  Ratner Children's Eye Center
-  Salk Institute (receiving dept. only)
-  San Diego Hospice
-  Scripps Research (receiving dept. only)
-  Shiley Eye Center
-  Thornton Hospital
-  Torrey Pines Center, North and South
-  UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest and surrounding area
-  UC San Diego Medical Center in La Jolla
-  University City Center (extension complex only)
-  VA Hospital

For more information about our free delivery service,  please call 858.534.0028