When you are admitted to the University of California, San Diego, you are given a system assigned personal identification number. This action creates your University account. Billing statements are produced monthly for accounts that have financial aid activity or balances greater than zero. Each statement itemizes all of the University charges and credits, including payments, which are posted to your account. Possible charges include registration fees, housing and meal plans, parking fees, bookstore charges and other miscellaneous debts, such as library fines. If you are a financial aid recipient or are receiving graduate fellowship support, the funds which are disbursed through UCSD will be credited to your account and offset against the statement's charges. You will either pay the remaining amount due on the statement or receive a financial aid remainder check or direct deposit to your bank account if there is a financial aid credit balance. The only exception to this offset of aid against University charges includes graduate fellowships and stipends.

Your University account should not be confused with your TritonCash account (which is strictly a debit card requiring advance cash or check payment).



For your convenience, you may elect to have the cost of books and other educational items purchased through the UCSD Bookstore charged to your University account and offset against anticipated financial aid or paid when the next UCSD monthly billing statement is received. All you have to do is take your purchase to any cash register and provide the cashier with your UCSD Student I.D.

If you have any questions regarding any Bookstore charges on your Student Account, please contact Customer Service at 858-534-7326.



You should contact the Student Billing Services, University Center 201, (858) 534-7537 under the following conditions:

  • You need information on your current balance;
  • There are questions concerning more than one charge;
  • You have a concern of a more general nature; or
  • After having contacted the originating office, a billing dispute still exists, and you desire an administrative hearing.



Although many students are still dependent on parental support for funding their educational expenses, UCSD considers all students to be adults and individually responsible for all expenses incurred. It is a University of California policy that no student can continue in the next academic quarter if that individual owes the University money. Consequently, when a student owes the University money, an automatic hold prevents him or her from future registration until the bill is paid. Hold notices detailing outstanding debts are mailed to students each quarter. In addition, the hold may affect transcript requests. If necessary, other collection activity, including assignment to a collection agency and the submission of a bad credit rating to a national credit bureau, may be taken.