Staff Selections: August 2018


Ethan Recommends:



What Ethan Says : 

West Wingers : "West Wingers...inspirational stories from Obama White House staffers, illustrating even interns can have an impact on policy."

Can We All Be Feminists? : “18 essays on the intersectionality of feminism from topics ranging on racism to LGBTQ communities.”

Alexandar Hamilton :  “A well-written biographic history of Alexander Hamilton.”




Garrett Recommends:



What Garrett Says : 

West Wingers : "A witty exploration of philosophy with cartoons, pretentiousness not included." 



Kayla Recommends:


What Kayla Says:

Atonement : “Well written novel; the book takes turns the film didn’t, well worth the read.”




KelleyAnn Recommends:


What KellyAnn Says:

Grace : “Like Mean Girls meets the Craft.”

The City of Lost Fortunes : “Like Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’, set in post-Katrina New Orleans.”




Leslie Recommends:


What Leslie Says: 

Circe : “I liked it, a fictionalized retelling of the goddess Circe from her perspective, read it!”

Shakespeare Requirement : "Sequel to the book, Dear Committee Members …can’t wait to read this one!"



Maddy Recommends:


What Maddy Says: 

Unthinkable : ““Forget right side or left side brain, its top or bottom now, as this book explores mental abilities

from a collaborative neuroscience perspective that layers concepts with diverse case studies based from personal

interviews of the case subjects.”

 Sanity & Tallulah : “Graphic novel about two girls on a spaceship who create a three-headed kitten in their lab. Perfect for Ages 8-11 or older of course!"

Lexicon : “ Maddy and at this point all of our booksellers say, “If you haven’t read this one yet, what are you waiting for?”


Sage Recommends:


What Sage Says:

Ocean At The End of the Lake : “Neil Gaiman. Fun, Light Read”

Oh Honey : Dark, Funny story of a telemarketer who may be unhinged

Running Wild : “A massacre has occurred and the children are missing in this thought-provoking, dark satire.”



Sam Recommends:


What Sam Says: 

Black Klansman : “Memoir of a man who infiltrated a KKK group in a 1970s small town in Colorado.”




Selina Recommends:


What Selina Says:

The Philosopher's Flight : “In this historical alternative 1910 story where magic exists and it is a woman’s world, yet a boy with surprising abilities may change all assumptions.”

Starless : In this epic fantasy, Gods have fallen from the sky, now they live among us. 



Teri Recommends:


What Teri Says: 

Buzz : Loved it, the author’s enthusiasm about bees is contagious and inspiring.

The Alchemist : A classic for a reason, one of those books whose impact is so dependent on when you discover its wisdom.



Friends of Book Chat: August 2018

Kathleen Recommends:


What Kathleen Says:

Summer Lessons : “Like ‘Gone Girl’ but I actually liked some of the characters and the last 30 pages of this book, let’s just say I cried, so satisfying!”

Nature Fix : This book beautifully explores how and why nature (trees) may have real scientific health benefits.



Lisa Recommends:


What Lisa Says: 

There There : “The unsettling start to this ‘Urban Indians in Oakland’ well-written, witty, novel turns thriller-like with its 12 intersecting thought-provoking characters.”

Born A Crime : “Trevor Noah provides a unique “outsider” perspective that follows his start growing up in South Africa’s apartheid to taking over as host for the Daily Show."



Suzy Recommends:


What Suzy Says:

A Feminist Manifesto In Fifteen Suggestions : “Great, easy read as author layers her values and sets out how to build the next generation of feminist with eloquence and grace.”

Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library : “Fun, Amusing Satire.



Cristal Recommends:


What Cristal Says: 

American Gods : I’ve had a hard time getting into this book as I’m about 160 pages in, but was told I was very close to being “pushed off the cliff” by this book’s story and then I won’t be able to put it down.



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