Staff Selections: September 2018


Ethan Recommends:



What Ethan Says : 

Spy School : “Spy Schools by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Daniel Golden examines how our centers of academia have become a haven for cultivating secrets & spies. Eye-opening and well researched!” 

What Happened? :  “Now in paperback, Hillary Clinton’s new memoir that explores her presidential bid with personal insights on one of the most unconventional races in modern American politics.”




Garrett Recommends:



What Garrett Says : 

Strangers in a Strange Land : “I liked it, interesting read, it was slow at first, but once I got going it was well worth it.”

The Satanic Verses : “the author of this book, Salman Rushdie received death threats because of this work, so it must be good…I found it confusing at times, but I will finish it as the writing is excellent and thought-provoking.”



Kayla Recommends:


What Kayla Says:

Sunburn : “Sunburn is set in the 1990s small town of Belleville, Delaware were Polly & Adam meet by chance, and begin a relationship where their pasts may lead them to a not so happy ending….it sure was a surprise to this reader…I didn’t see it coming at all, a wonderful thriller.”

Pieces of Her : “A thriller about a daughter finding out her mother is not who she thought she was…found the main characters frustrating, but the clever use of time in the storytelling makes for a compelling read.”




KelleyAnn Recommends:


What KellyAnn Says:

Neverwhere : “A paragon of urban fantasy set in a mirrored version of London.”

The Girls : “Emma Klein’s ‘The girls’ is very atmospheric, set in 1960s Northern California where a young women is seduced into a world she thinks is thrilling, which in fact turns violent and far from free-loving.”





Leslie Recommends:


What Leslie Says: 

The Last Cruise :“Kate Christensen's new book follows a group of characters on the last anniversary voyage of 1950s historic cruise ship when something "happens" that provides the perfect backdrop to exploring just who we are now versus back then.”



Matthew Recommends:


What Matthew Says: 

The Devil in the White City : “Erik Larson’s, ‘Devil in the White City’ was very good. There are two interconnecting character stories set in Chicago at the turn of the century during the World’s Fair…oh and by the way it is non-fiction but the narrative reads like fiction.”

Dune : “I just started this classic science fiction series, but liking it so far.”

Fight Club : “Love this author…..CHUCK PALAHNIUK.”



Sage Recommends:


What Sage Says:

The Stand :  “The Stand by Stephen King is a book to devote some time to, but well worth it.”

Sea Prayer : “Sea prayer by UC San Diego alum Khaled Hosseini, is a beautifully written and illustrated graphic novel about a family fleeing a war torn land as refugees, perfect for any age.”

The Old Man & the Gun and Other Tales : “David Grann has 3 incredible short stories here that read like fiction, but are in fact true crime. Fantastic cannot wait to see the movie starring Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek.”



Sam Recommends:


What Sam Says: 

Feel Free : “Zadie Smith is a brilliant writer, one of my very favorites!....I just finished her novel,  ‘On Beauty’, it captures the quirks of human nature so perfectly, as does all of her writing, also check out her latest a book of short stories, ‘Feel Free’.”

Dear Committee Members : “Dear committee members is an incredible book filled with passive aggressive, funny characters showing all of the trepidations and trials of a modern day English lit department at a private university.”


Teri Recommends:


What Teri Says:

Gross Anatomy : “Local San Diego author, Mara Altman, has created a fast, funny read all about the peculiarities of the human body in her new book, Gross Anatomy.”




Friends of Book Chat: September 2018

Lisa Recommends:


What Lisa Says:

Into the Raging Sea : “Based on the recovered black box conversations from some of the crew from the container ship, El Faro that sank somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle back in 2015, which cost the lives of all 30 people aboard. Excellent read and I learned a lot about merchant sailing rules and how little has changed since the early days of sailing the seas.”



Mary Linn Recommends:


What Mary Linn Says: 

Weight of Ink : “Historical fiction about an archivist and a grad student who discovered documents on Jewish history, found some interesting sections of the book, especially when the book delved into discussing the specifics of why ink destroys paper; the characters and plot itself has been done before.”

In the Hurricane's Eye : “In the Hurricane’s Eye, Nathaniel Philbrick’s enthusiastic love of this time period and George Washington make for a well done historical fiction that is set during the battle of Yorktown.”



Scott Recommends:


What Scott Says:

Frankenstein : “Frankenstein is the most famous novel by Mary Shelley and it is about to celebrate its 200th birthday as it was published back in 1818. To honor this auspicious event the UC San Diego library has lots of great events plan this October to honor this historic event…check out the library’s website for more information!”




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