What is a UC San Diego Triton Grad Pack?
Available on the UCSD Bookstore’s website and in-store through midnight on May 17. You’ll be happy to have checked out the UCSD Triton Grad Packs (details: ucsandiegobookstore.com) There are 3 options to choose from - each one is bundled with varying levels of benefits and deals. Every UCSD Grad Pack includes cap, gown and tassel (all are yours to keep), diploma frame, memory sash and more. The Platinum Grad Pack provides the best value - saving you $68.00.

You will receive a proof of purchase for your cap, gown and tassel with your UCSD Triton Grad Pack. You MUST bring your receipt with you when you return to the UCSD Bookstore when picking them up, May 22-June 2, inside the Bookstore, first floor.

How, where & until when, can I purchase my UC San Diego Triton Grad Pack?
Go to ucsandiegobookstore.com to purchase your pack. Within two business days (48 hours Monday-Friday) of placing your order, you may pick up your diploma frame inside the Bookstore, first floor. The cap, gown and tassel portion will be picked up during our cap and gown pick up, May 22-June 2, inside the Bookstore, first floor near customer service.

How do I join the UC San Diego Alumni?
Upon graduation, UC San Diego Alumni will officially welcome you to join our powerful, global alumni network, numbering more than 170,000 strong. Your UC San Diego Triton Grad Pack purchase allows you to enjoy many of the accompanying alumni privileges – even before you graduate. To register, simply visit alumni.ucsd.edu and you’re instantly connected to a dynamic network of alumni who span a wide range of industries, professions and interests. UC San Diego Alumni regularly hosts networking events, locally, regionally and around the world, and also fosters connections through affinity groups. In short, UC San Diego exists to help you connect and learn, to advocate and encourage advocacy, and to ensure your alma mater remains a world class institution.

Have you made your Senior Class Gift?
Your Senior Class Gift is one of the most impactful ways to demonstrate how much being a Triton means to you. As a Senior who is about to become an alumni, leaving your legacy on campus is important. When you make your Senior Class Gift of $20.17, you are joining your classmates in ensuring that future Tritons have the opportunity to take advantage of everything UC San Diego has to offer. When combined, our gifts support Senior Class Gift Scholarships in the amount of $2,017. A portion of your gift will also fund the installation of the Class of 2017 plaque on Library Walk, which you can sign at upcoming Senior events. The remainder of your gift will be added to the Senior Class Gift Endowment Fund, which will provide scholarships in perpetuity. Leave your legacy by making your Senior Class Gift today at crowdsurf.ucsd.edu/seniors2017

What is a Graduation Memory Sash? $40.00 (plus tax)
The blue and gold Graduation Memory Sash is worn during commencement. After the ceremony, the graduate presents it to someone who provided extraordinary support such as parents, relatives, or mentors who have helped with wisdom, words of encouragement, or with financial assistance.

What is an Honor Cord? $14.00 (plus tax)
A Honor Cord denotes academic honors and consists of two intertwined ropes - one royal blue and one gold. There is no cord distinction in the different levels of honors. Your eligibility will be determined when we issue your commencement ticket during cap and gown distribution, inside the Bookstore, first floor, May 22-June 2.

What is a Memory Tassel? $6.00 (plus tax)
The Memory Tassel is an optional royal blue and gold 2017 charm from your special day. It can be purchased at the Bookstore. The royal blue and gold tassel is also the color of the Revelle College tassel. The memory tassel may be worn in lieu of your college tassel, or in addition to, if you choose.

What do I need to do to participate in commencement ceremonies?
Visit: Commencement.ucsd.edu to register for tickets to the All Campus Commencement ceremony, your college commencement ceremony and to order your cap and gown. To pick up your tickets, cap, and gown, visit the Bookstore during regular business hours between May 22-June 2.

Fill out the entire college ticket prior to your ceremony and remember to bring it with you on commencement day. Be sure to spell your name phonetically so the readers can pronounce your name correctly. The ticket has three functions:

• Allows entry into your commencement.
• Gives the readers the appropriate pronunciation of your name at the ceremony.
• Provides mail delivery location so your picture proofs are sent to your correct address.

Can I replace my commencement ticket?
The UCSD Bookstore is unable to replace lost tickets. You must contact your college directly and have them resubmit your information and then return to the Bookstore for a replacement. We are sorry, but All Campus Commencement tickets are non-replaceable.

When will I receive my diploma?
Your diploma will be mailed to your home from the registrar’s office within three to six months from your date of graduation.

Does the Bookstore sell Memory Sashes from colleges and departments?
The UCSD Bookstore sells the royal blue and gold Memory Sash.
Please contact your college or department for other types of sashes.

Can I walk in another college's ceremony?
To walk in a different ceremony other than your own college, visit commencement.ucsd.edu and review the criteria for requesting a commencement exception.

What if I have a cap and/or gown from high school? Can I wear that? 
As long as your cap and gown are black you may wear your own items. However, to participate in commencement, you must register and pay the commencement fee at commencement.ucsd.edu. You may pick up your ticket during cap and gown distribution, inside the UCSD Bookstore, first floor, May 22-June 2.

How do I return my gown?
Keep it! You own your gown, cap and tassel.

I'm not in San Diego. Can I have someone else pick up my gown and ticket?
Yes! To issue your ticket, your friend must have your PID#, know your height, and college. We can also hold it for you for pick up once in town. Please call John Torres at 858-534-7323 or j6torres@ucsd.edu.

How do I get into the printed commencement program? 
The UCSD Bookstore is not involved in printing the commencement program. To ensure your name is in the printed materials distributed on graduation day please visit degree.ucsd.edu. The deadline to list your name in the commencement program is May 1.

Will someone take my photo as I cross the commencement stage?
There will be a photographer on site to capture you crossing the stage on commencement day. The commencement ticket is the way they contact students after the ceremony with the proofs of the photos. There is no obligation to purchase the photos.

Can I just purchase a Memory Tassel if I’m not participating in the ceremony?
Yes! When you visit the UCSD Bookstore, first floor, during cap and gown distribution, May 22-June 2, please check the tassel only box on the ticket and proceed to check out.