Please note: Student positions are reserved regardless of funding for a regular student of the UC system. Applicants MUST be currently enrolled UCSD students, and MUST pay registration fees each quarter working.

Application Procedures: ALL applicants MUST attach a copy of their current schedule print out (via TritonLink) with the completed Employment Application Form. This form is also available on the first floor of the UCSD Bookstore. Applicants should then turn in this information to the Customer Service Counter, also located on the first floor.

  Download form.

Please submit application, resume, time available and class schedule to Customer Service

This is an Equal Employment Opportunity





JOB 1: Textbook Assistant | STDT 3

Job Number: 1840932/STDT 3
Wage/Salary: $12.75/hr
Work Schedule: up to 19hrs/wk during school/30 in the Summer
Location: UCSD Bookstore, La Jolla, CA
Number of Openings: 1
Start Date: ASAP

Prior library or office experience helpful. Familiarity and knowledge of personal computers, Word and Excel, and internet. Familiarity with Access or other database program strongly preferred. Good communication skills. Superior attention to detail. Must pay UC student services fees each quarter working (must have paid student services fees for semester working in). Work-Study preferred but not required. This position would start immediately upon hire in order to begin training and to assist with course materials for the upcoming winter quarter. Must be able to work between graduation and start of Summer 1 classes. Also being able to work during breaks preferred. This is an Equal Employment Opportunity

Duties & Responsibilities:
Supports the Textbook department’s Custom Course Materials Buyer with office tasks as needed. Helps with processing purchase orders and royalty payments. Assists with paperwork and creates documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Enters data in Ratex for inventory management and ordering. Researches copyright holders and permissions. Notifies professors of progress toward clearances. Interacts with professors and academic department personnel in a professional and tactful manner. Composes copyright permission requests. Uses Web based permissions applications. Updates the Bookstore’s copyright database. Assists on the sales floor of the textbook department from time to time. Assists customers, processes special orders, answers phones, and shelving course materials

To Apply:
Applications available online or at the customer service desk. Please bring your completed application along with your resume and current class schedule to the customer service desk on the first floor of the bookstore.





JOB 1: Sales Associate Assistant - Cashier | STDT 2

Job Number: 1857521
Wage/Salary: Sales Associate |  STDT 2  |  $11.50 per hour 
Work Schedule: up to 12- 19hrs/week during school (up to 30 in summer)
Number of Openings: 35


This is a temporary position running from September 4th through October 27th with limited hours offered before school starts and 12 – 19 hours after 09/22/2018. You must be able to work the first week of classes. Please mark on your application if you are able to work early morning shifts staring at 5am or 6am the first week of classes.
Special Conditions of Employment: Special hours
Welcome weekend open 10-7pm Saturday and Sunday
September 27 7:30am-8:00pm
October 8am-8pm October 2 8:00am-7:00pm


 A limited number of jobs will be available to extend to permanent with an increase from $11.50 to $11.75 for those that wish to continue on with the Bookstore. Sales Associate shifts are between the hours of 7:45am-6:15pm Monday -Friday and 10:45am-4:15pm on Saturday.  Must be able to work some Saturdays.  
Job Description:
- This will be a cashiering position, ringing customers out at the register and helping with online orders.
- Sales Floor- Putting merchandise out on the floor and helping customers. Processing sales orders. Greeting customers and showing them to product.
 - Perform other duties and assist in other areas of the Bookstore as needed and/or assigned.
Some stockroom, warehouse, accounting, retail, library or bookstore experience helpful. Outgoing and creative personality essential. Must be able to demonstrate professional and organizational skills, attention to detail, and an overall high level of reliability and independence. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs, bend, dust, and move books and merchandise.
This is an Equal Employment Opportunity 
Must pay UC student services fees for each quarter working.  Work-study preferred but not required. ** Background check required.**


Applications-Inside the bookstore or   Please submit application and a grid of your Fall class schedule to the Bookstore Customer Service Counter located on the first floor.