Obtaining Approvals for Merchandise

Procedures for obtaining approvals for the production of merchandise with UCSD trademarks by faculty, staff, students, and current and prospective vendors and sponsors follow.

Some examples of commercial internal trademark use include:
  • T-shirts imprinted with the name of a student group or campus department
  • Novelty items imprinted with the university name and sold at a special function such as a fund-raiser
  • UCSD emblematic items produced as gifts for business associates, sponsors, or friends of the university
  • Business cards for students or student group representatives
Those wishing to use university trademarks must use a manufacturer who is authorized to produce emblematic merchandise to:
  • Ensure adequate protection of the university's image and intellectual property rights
  • Ensure compliance with UC Code of Conduct requirements
  • Limit the risk to the university
Application Steps
  1. Contact OTL at (858) 534-7323 for information about the production of emblematic or imprinted products for departmental or program use, fund raising, etc. OTL will provide lists of licensed manufacturers, screen printers, and local retailers, and assist with planning products, graphic designs, and distribution channels.
  2. To produce emblematic merchandise, complete the Limited Internal Trademark Use Information Form (internal use) or the Application for a Revocable License for Use of UCSD Logo and Seal (vendors and sponsors) and submit it to OTL. Both forms are available by calling OTL at (858) 534-7323.
  3. OTL will respond promptly with an approval or reason for disapproval of the application. If approved, the ordering process may proceed.
  4. When approved, products may be ordered according to standard purchasing guidelines, and distributed.
Please note: OTL will not approve an application for Internal Trademark Use until a licensed manufacturer has been established. If the quality of the manufacturer's product is approved, OTL will grant the preferred manufacturer a license.

Vendors and Sponsors
If you wish to apply for a license, and have a clear understanding of UCSD requirements, please contact OTL to request a licensing packet (includes the necessary application forms and further information). The UCSD trademarks are the intellectual property of the regents of the University of California, and are valuable assets requiring protection from misuse or unauthorized promotion. UCSD licensing terms have been developed with great care to safeguard trademark integrity. Please review these terms carefully, as you must agree to them to obtain a license.