UCSD Trademark Guidelines & Requirements

  1. The campus should be referred to as University of California, San Diego or UCSD. All variations of the university's name are trademarks of the University of California, San Diego, and property of the UC regents.
  2. The following trademarks may also be used when referring to the University of California, San Diego sports programs: Tritons, Go Tritons!, or UCSD Tritons. The preceding names and phrases are trademarks of the University of California, San Diego, and property of the UC regents.
  3. The university's marks should always present a positive image.
  4. The university's name and/or marks may not be used in any way that could state or imply an endorsement of a business, social, political, religious, or economic movement, activity, program or group, or in advertising services.
  5. The seal, logo, and other icons of the university are restricted from use on items that could be construed as university documents, publications, or advertisements, except when such applications are used by the university for official university business. They may not be defaced, altered, overprinted, or dismantled in any manner.
  6. University marks are not to be associated with alcohol, tobacco, condoms, gambling products, items which could be used to maim or kill, or that could present a high-liability exposure. For example, university marks should not be used in conjunction with knives, guns, or cigarette lighters.
  7. All licensees must use appropriate "TM" designation on products with the university marks on them. The "TM" should be placed under the mark, to the right, and should be smaller, so that it does not detract from the appearance of the university mark.
  8. Licensees must make their name(s) clearly apparent on the labeling of all products bearing university marks.
  9. Samples of each licensed product bearing the marks of University of California, San Diego must be submitted to OTL for review and approval before they can be produced, reproduced, or sold.
  10. The university's marks will not be licensed for use in association with certain other mark(s), words, or phrases, for example: profanity, ethnic/gender/religious slurs, pro-hazing designs, or designs that are deemed to be in poor taste. Also, art that is in some way degrading or demeaning, or reflects poorly on the UCSD image, will not be approved.
  11. Many manufacturers create unique UCSD designs that they wish to reserve for their own use. A company may not itself claim copyright to these designs as they incorporate the name and/or mascot of the university, which are its trademarks, regardless of the design. Copyright ownership must be attributed to the regents of the University of California as follows:

    © and ™ The Regents of the University of California.